After attending the “Living Well with Myeloma”‘ session, I came away with a different perspective on life.  Hearing four patients speak about their journey into the myeloma world and how they turned lemons into lemonade was amazing.  When someone is diagnosed in their thirties, with so much living ahead, these patients, some with children to raise and spouses to love, grabbed onto the lifeline of hope. The International Myeloma Foundation was that lifeline that empowered each patient by providing knowledge that would enable them to make the right choices. Being armed with this tool they fought back. Embracing each day, month, and year as they moved forward.

One eighty-one-year-old patient fishes every day, goes kayaking, and lives life to the fullest. Another thirty-ish female with a young family displays energy by working and raising a young family. Then their is Michael Tuohy, a 17-year survivor who many may know still loving life and helping others, a true example of endurance after a tough battle with myeloma in the early stages of his disease.

So, sit back think of each day as a gift! Pause and do what you love, and love those in your life each day. Whether you have myeloma or not, there are lessons to be learned from those among us.