Charlie Mooney, Dr. Sundar Jagannath, multiple myeloma patient, multiple myeloma doctor, mutliple myeloma specialist

Good Morning Friends….yesterday Charlie and I met with Dr. Sundar Jagannath at Mt. Sinai for his six-month visit. We spoke about upcoming ASH 2017, and he was very excited about the new developments with CAR-T cell therapy, which will become available at Mt. Sinai effective January 2018! I am sure this will be a highlight at ASH, and yes, Dr. Jagannath will be attending.

I am excited to be invited to ASH 2017. As a support group leader here in Staten Island NY, I feel a strong obligation to keep the group informed of the latest breakthroughs in the world of multiple myeloma. Since I have retired this year, I am focused on fine-tuning my role in the group, and I believe participating and experiencing ASH will bring me to a higher level in understanding the disease.

Being part of a team so devoted to keeping up with the latest treatments and looking forward to a time when a cure will be found is what I believe inspires us all in our various roles in the myeloma community. I am sure I will have my batteries recharged and ready to go into high gear once I return home.

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