December 11, 2017

Yes, today was the last full day of ASH but that’s not to say if wasn’t full of information with oral presentations packing the day from 7:30 a.m.–7:15 p.m. Highlights included (# abstract number):

  • (#739) The POLLUX trial: Rd +/- Dara for RRMM patients was updated with a median follow-up of 33 months for n=579 patients. The Dara arm significantly improved PFS (not reached vs 18 months) and ORR (93% vs 76%). The 30-month PFS was 58% vs 34%. Also noted was 7% SPM’s for both arms.
  • (#740) Dr. James Kochenderfer reported the multi-center bb1212 anti-BCMA CAR-T therapy for n=21 patients who had a median 7 lines of prior treatment. There was 94% ORR (56% CR) and 9 of evaluable 10 patients were MRD-. But there were also 5 deaths (3 on the lowest dose) and 4 patients progressed (3 had been VGPR’s). CAR-T is exciting but still very early.
  • (#741) Dr Suzanne Trudel gave the most exciting presentation (IMHO) at this year’s ASH. 35 RR MM patients were treated with monotherapy GSK2857916, an mAb drug conjugate against BCMA dosed once every 3 weeks over 1 hr.  60% achieved ORR with only 4 patients progressing. All patients had at least 1 Adverse Event, the most frequent (63%) being corneal events (blurry vision, dry eyes) mostly Grade 1/2 and reversible. “Responses usually occurred early, were durable, and continued with dose reductions.”
  • (#743) Dr Keith Stewart presented final results from the ASPIRE Ph 3 trial KRd vs Rd for RR MM patients. KRd benefits over Rd included PFS (26 vs 17 mos), OS (48 vs 40 mos), ORR for High Risk patients (79 vs 60%), and a 23% reduction in risk of death.
  • I saw good results for RRMM patients using various regimens that included Cytoxin: KCd, VCd (also known as CyBorD), RCd, and PomCd.
  • (#838) Another exciting presentation came from Dr Ajax Chari who reminded folks that at last year’s ASH they were testing Dara-MD (Mix & Deliver) using a syringe pump for 30 minute infusions.  This year’s abstract discussed a new Dara-SQ (manual injection) taking only 3–5 minutes!! A phase 3 study is planned.
  • (#840) Elo-Rev-dex maintenance improved responses by 36% (20% converted to CR), also 31% of patients experienced Grade 3 neutropenia.

Monday night’s IMF ASH Conference series featured Drs. Brian Durie (International Myeloma Foundation), Joseph Mikhael (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona), and Paul Richardson (Dana Farber, Boston) discussing “Making Sense of Treatment, 2017”.  Make sure to listen to its replay at the previous link.

Wishing you the best of health!