As I write this post ASH 2017 blog the day after we returned home, I’m exhausted, but overwhelmed with gratitude and hope for all of us. I’m a visual learner, so I love photos of people and slides

Michael Tuohy, American Society of Hematology 59th annual meeting

A Calm Before the Storm: Michael Tuohy pictured beneath the ASH 2017 welcome banner.

Fun in Interpreting Slides

And Interpreting More Slides…

And Yet Another Slide!

Deck the Halls with Lots of Researchers!

We Could Not Do This Without Carmen Greene, IMF Meeting Coordinator.


John DeFlice, Linda Huguelet

Oh the Weather Outside Is Frightful! Left to Right: John DeFlice and Linda Huguelet

Tiffany Williams, American Society of Hematology 59th Annual Meeting, ASH 2017

But ASH Is So Delightful! As expressed by Tiffany Williams here.


IMG Support Group Leaders ASH 2017 team

And Since We’ve No Place to go…Let’s Go to ASH, in Atlanta, in the Snow! – Thanks to #IMFASH17 Team!

Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting this program:  Amgen, BMS, Celgene, Janssen and Takeda.

A final thank you to Susie and Dr. Brian Durie, for always thinking outside the box and inviting support group leaders that are myeloma patients and caregivers to come to ASH to learn and share!  Knowledge is Power!

That’s a wrap!  See you next year!

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