As a first timer to ASH, it has been a real eye-opener!  There are thousands of professionals gathered (20,000) from various countries interested in hearing results and updates of various clinical trials and latest developments in the world of multiple myeloma. Studies from “Should Smoldering Myeloma Patients Be Treated?” to discussion of “Flu Vaccines for Patients,” as well as many other topics have been presented.

However, for me, being with this wonderful group of patients, nurses and Support Group Leaders has been the real highlight of my experience. Being in their circle for the last four days has been inspirational: they are brilliant , caring, and knowledgeable of this disease. Thanks to The International Myeloma Foundation for bringing me to ASH.

Dr. Brian Durie will be presenting the webinar Best of ASH 2017 on Thursday, January 11th, so make sure to register now. He will discuss the most significant points from this conference. Remember “Knowledge is Power”.